1036 Cambridge St, Cambridge MA 02141


Our Company

AdoEma Fund Management, LLC is an existing Commonwealth of Massachusetts domestic limited liability company (ID # 001325399) located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company was registered in May 2018, for the purpose of preparing for the formation of a real estate investment portfolio. AdoEma Fund Management, LLC has a focus on participating in the acquisition of multi-unit rental properties within the Metropolitan Boston marketplace. In addition, AdoEma Fund Management, LLC also has a property management division that provides professional support to resident multi-unit properties.

Suad Kantarevic, Founder & CEO

Suad Kantarevic, is a business owner and licensed real estate professional with over 18 years of experience in residential and commercial real estate sales, residential construction, and property & tenant management.

Owner & manager of AdoEma Realty LLC, a full service real estate brokerage and property management company based in Cambridge, MA. Dedicated to maintaining business principles that favor high returns using industry best practices.

Suad Kantarevic takes full responsibility for each project and is always willing to personally meet with anyone interested in real estate investing. If you have any questions about real estate investing, please contact Suad at suad@adoema.com or call & text to (781) 367-8210

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