1036 Cambridge St, Cambridge MA 02141


AdoEma Fund Management, LLC is a real estate syndication sponsor and asset management company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We are focused on participating in the acquisition and management of multi-family rental properties within the Greater Boston marketplace. AdoEma is seeking to partner with equity investors who are interested in long-term relationship.

Property investing with AdoEma:

  • Property Type:                         Multi-Family

  • Investment Type:                    Equity

Asset Management - Delivering a secure global mobile investor platform

The Investor Portal is available globally to our investors through Investor Management Services (IMS), a service provider by the Company. The IMS platform uses architecture to provide the best security against, and to prevent security breaches by using banking and military level encryption. The IMS is hosted by a third-party which operates the largest and most advanced cloud-hosting platform that is available to the public and includes a 'out-cloud' operations team to ensure that we are proactive in addressing potential security issues.


AdoEma will, as market conditions and the manager determine advisable, reinvest a portion of available equity into purchasing additional properties with a goal to maximize profits by larger equity pay-down and much larger appreciation. Our plan is to hold on to properties for longer period but we may option to fix & flip the property if such opportinites are available. This will allow the Company to maximize leverage on its investment. Target properties are turnkey and in good location, with stable rental income and low maintenance cost during our ownership. By acquiring real estate that requires little to no refurbishment, we are able to quickly generate revenue through renting the property as quickly as possible. 



AdoEma team is in control of the property management division, AdoEmaRentals. We manage all aspects of the property, delivering the best possible results for our investors and a great experience for our residents. From full accounting, contracting repairs to filling vacancies, AdoEma brings our residents peace of mind with on-demand status updates and mobile account access through AppFolio property management platform. We work tirelessly to provide an outstanding experience for our investors and our residents.

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